Marshall Davis Brown, Jr.

Marshall Davis Brown, Jr. is a partner of the widely-known and respected Texas firm, Pavlas and Brown, LLP.

Marshall Davis Brown Jr., Early Life
Brown was raised right here in Texas, where he graduated from his high school in 1969. Immediately after, he joined the United States Air Force, where he served a four-year term. He then went on to attend college – the University of Texas – from which he graduated in 1976. He followed this up with law school – South Texas College of Law – and completed his studies there in 1980. After six years in the field, he was awarded his board certification in family law.

Marshall Davis Brown, Jr. and Family Law
Especially in a state like Texas, it’s important to have a family lawyer that’s familiar with the ever-changing legal climate and is a veteran attorney. If you’re looking to hire a lawyer who’s familiar with your state and its laws, and also cares about your unique needs, then turn to Marshall Davis Brown, Jr. He’s been in Texas his whole life – he grew up in the San Antonio/Odessa area, and has been practicing law in Texas for over thirty years.

He has been a partner of the well-respected law partnership known as Pavlas & Brown, L.L.P., and has been practicing there for about fifteen years. The partners have much experience in the field of fighting cases of complex family law, including divorces, child custody suits, orders of family violence, and more.

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